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Why the DJ setup is important for your wedding vision

Hudson Valley Weddings at the Hill DJ

A few weeks ago, we performed at one of the newer venues in the Hudson Valley market. The facility was very unique, and definitely a picturesque setting for a wedding! However, oftentimes unique settings present unique challenges for DJ's.

The first challenge was the outdoor ceremony space. It is very easy for sound to get lost when there are no walls to contain it. In addition, we did not want to ruin the beautiful mountain backdrop by placing a large sound system close to the guests, effectively ruining the landscape. Instead, we used one of our high end QSC speakers and set it on the ground in a nearby treeline. We also used a Shure wireless microphone with a 350+ foot range so there was no need for any transmitters or receivers cluttering up space. This way, our setup was out of view, but provided plenty of clear sound for the ceremony music and officiant vocals. As a matter of fact, the officiant went out of her way to seek us out during the cocktail hour to say that she had never heard better sound for a ceremony she presided over.

hudson valley wedding outdoor dj

Then it was on to the reception. The setting was the second story of a rustic barn with lots of open air, multi level seating, and string lighting to add to the ambiance. In addition to all wood construction, the room had exceptionally high ceilings, and the guests were seated on a separate level located about 5 steps below the level of the dancefloor. Many DJ's would simply just add more speakers to cover multiple spaces. However, again you run the risk of ruining the natural beauty of the venue by dominating the space with larger speakers and various cabling. Instead, below is the setup we used for this wedding of around 200 guests.

hudson valley wedding soundsational setup level 1

You'll notice that we were able to accommodate the space with just 2 speakers, our RCF Art series 15 inch cabinets. RCF is an Italian speaker company known for the highest quality sound. In fact, I noticed that the same speakers were used in Disney World when we took our daughter to see the Frozen sing-a-long last year. The show took place in a theater with a capacity of over 1000 people. We are also always aiming to make our setups as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The 3 windows ended up framing our performance space nicely and helped to keep our setup in line with the decor of the room. You can see a quick video clip of the finished product below.

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