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The Evolution of DJ Lighting

old dj light

Lighting has come a long way, particularly for mobile DJ's over the past few years. I remember using 1 or 2 "derby" style fixtures when I first got into the industry, which were often heavy and required having replacement halogen bulbs on hand should one burn out. These fixtures had "duty cycles", which meant they were not designed to be used all night long, but rather had to be turned on and off to avoid overheating.

Then came the centerpiece fixtures. These were designed to be positioned at the center of a venue and meant to cover the entire dance floor. These too often contained halogen bulbs, which were not only delicate, but often contributed in raising the temperature of a room as these bulbs throw a lot of heat.

dj moving head

Next came the advent of L.E.D. technology being used in DJ Lighting....and the rest is history. All of sudden DJ lighting became brighter, lighter, and therefore more mobile than ever before. Many manufacturers began simply redesigning older fixtures with LED bulbs, which was a nice leap forward. However, LED technology being used in moving heads is what really allowed mobile DJs to produce "arena concert" quality light shows. Moving heads have the ability to direct colors, shapes and patterns anywhere the operator would like.

wedding uplight dj

Finally, came the uplight. Uplights are fixtures that are put around the perimeter of a room, as well

as any other areas that need to be highlighted. In the beginning, these were fairly large, heavy fixtures that required power and data cables to run all around the room in order to have the lights acting in unison. Then, manufacturers started to employ rechargeable battery technology which allowed lights to be placed anywhere in a much lower profile design.

At Soundsational DJ, we employ the use of some of the industry's most advanced moving head and uplighting fixtures for your event. We use them to direct action on the dancefloor, act as spotlights for special dances, as well as to create a lighting "portal" where bridal parties and guests of honor may enter from. Using lighting to choreograph a special moment is not usually something our clients think about, but are always left in awe when they see it in action. Imaging your head table or cake table with a soft glow from an uplight underneath. Contact Soundsational DJ today to find out more about custom lighting design for your special event.

lighting design wedding dj soundsational

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